The Power of Manifesting Your Dreams: I Am Superwaxx (Film)

The Power of Manifesting Your Dreams: I Am Superwaxx (Film)

Speak your dreams into existence.

Dreams are powerful things—that's been my biggest lesson learned in the last two years—you honestly will never know the full extent of allowing yourself to dream, until one day you wake up to see it come true.

It's really rare that people allow themselves to think they can have more for their lives, I know this, because I used to think the same way. I used to think that the people who had what I didn't, had it because they were destined to have it, and that's it. Everything that happened to me was out of my hands, and the cards I was dealt were the ones I had, and that's it. That couldn't be further from the truth, and I honestly know how hard it is to pull yourself up when everything is trying to keep you down, but you have to keep going.

You have to keep dreaming big.

I met Superwaxx almost two years ago, my blog was about a year and half old at the time, and my boyfriend and I had just set out to be full-time entrepreneurs making video and photo content for companies needing high quality work for their social channels. My friend invited me to cover Superwaxx's first ever solo art show at Hierarchy gallery in Washington, DC. We got there and were blown away—it was pop art with a purpose—and we hadn't seen anything like it. We did one of our first interviews with her too, where she mentions aspirations for her future, one being that she wants her work to be seen around the world:

Two years later, she's the subject of our first Documentary for an International Film Festival.

We've always stayed pretty friendly over the course of the couple of years, we kept in touch on social media, and came out to her shows, but we didn't really get to know her know her until we were able to spend extended time with her filming and interviewing her for this documentary. I should first say, we chose her, because we honestly love her and her work. She's one of those people who, without knowing everything, you can tell that she's just a really good person. Her first show left a huge impression on us, of course, her work was amazing, but we really left feeling like we had just met someone who was on the cusp of something much greater.


The conversations we had during production led me to realize that we're both huge subscribers of the Law of Attraction theory: like attracts like. One thing you learn as an entrepreneur of any kind is that this ish is really hard, and you will have to find some way to overcome it on a daily basis—I read about the Law of Attraction right at the time when I was committing myself to the idea of working for myself full-time. It's basically kept me from completely giving up on myself, and my goals, but it's definitely one of those polarizing topics that some people don't want to believe or support, so it's always refreshing to find other people who are on an equally difficult path of their own, and believe the same things as you do.

There are lots of takeaways from LoA, but the most relevant one is to manifest your dreams, by visualizing yourself already achieving your goal(s). Example: instead of thinking about how you want to buy a new house, picture yourself already living in it: pick the paint colors, take a swim in your pool, have friends over for dinner—make the dream feel less abstract and distant, by inviting yourself to live in the idea for a bit. How farfetched does it feel now? Will you get your dream house overnight? No. But, this should drum up the motivation for you to work towards it. I practice it often—and sometimes, it's really, really freaky when something you've visualized becomes a reality—my boyfriend thinks I'm a witch, but I swear it's not magic at all, it's just rewiring your thought process to focus on the possibility, and then doing what you have to do to make it happen in real life.

Our film is really based on this principal; Superwaxx was recently able to participate in something major for herself and her career, but in actuality, her entire life right now is a dream manifested. And, so is mine. 

The main goal I had for myself this year was to create one project that was strictly for myself, not paid for or controlled by a client, and here we are. It was a tough time to get it all done, if I'm being honest. At one point, our car was broken into while filming for a client in DC, and some of our audio equipment was stolen—in a cruel twist of fate, that equipment was a requirement to use when creating this short film the week we needed to use it to film with Superwaxx, but thankfully, some of our fellow filmmaker friends were able to lend us their gear so that we could get it done!

I can't tell you how defeated I felt when that happened, but after feeling traumatized for a bit, I felt fired up. I felt like no matter what, no matter how good of a person you are, bad shit can still happen to you, and you have to make a choice—I chose to let it go, and got on with my life. As a result, we were able to make our film, share a great experience with our friend, and have all of our work seen by hundreds of people worldwide so far online! I've had family and friends and complete strangers share our links, and tell us how proud they were of us—and, I just feel such an immense sense of accomplishment and joy. 

This was our first real attempt at making a film, and I'm glad we were able to do it. I'm so glad we didn't let unfortunate circumstances keep us from this opportunity, and I'm happy that I finally get to show you guys what I do when I'm not tweeting like a crazy person, or Voguing it up for my blog. Please watch and enjoy 'I Am Superwaxx':

Christopher and I wanted to make this film because we wanted to add something positive into the world. We wanted to share a story about a person who is flesh and bone just like all of us, who is achieving her dreams, slowly yet surely. This film is a reminder to myself, and to everyone who sees it that anything is possible—anything—you don't have to be a painter, or a filmmaker, or an athlete, or a celebrity of any kind, you can set and achieve goals for yourself, and you get to be your own benchmark for success. 

Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, and don't be afraid to dream—at best, it might actually come true.

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Thank You: Superwaxx, Wildersee Harris, Christopher Cain, and everyone who helped make our film possible! We appreciate you!