Without a doubt, the biggest trend in footwear this summer has been the slide—from furry ones, to athletic ones, to minimal ones, they've been everywhere. Despite this, I wasn't really looking to get into this trend, but when I happened to be shopping in Old Navy a couple of months ago, I stumbled onto this simple, criss-cross pair, and I couldn't resist.

I love finding high-end looking pieces for low prices, and these definitely hit the spot! I wear these with pretty much anything, but they really go great with a pair of simple denim shorts and a tank top—because I love blazers, I had to throw one on, but a flowy duster might do the trick if you want something more lightweight.

I think the classic style and faux leather really make these appear more expensive than what they were, which means that these can be a great item for transitioning from casual daywear, to a chic night look with ease. For now, I'll keep styling them somewhere in between the two.

Are you guys into slides, if so what are your favorite pairs, and how do you style them?



Jacket: Thrifted // Top: Express // Jeans: Levis (Thrifted + DIY) // Shoes: Old Navy // Jewelry: Luca Jewelry

Photography by Christopher Cain, Hey Bulldog Studios