I've been trying to break out of my usual summer uniform (tshirt and jeans), and the best place for me to start, when I need a change, is my boyfriend's side of the closet. 

I snagged these baggy H&M cargo pants from him, which were basically collecting dust, and paired them with a sleek, body-hugging neoprene bodysuit—something about this combination makes me feel like a Bond Babe villain—you know, the one that could seduce you, and then crush your head with her thighs when you pissed her off. 

It's not exactly the most ventilated outfit for the summer, but sometimes, sacrificing a breeze in lieu of playing around with different proportions, and materials is worth it. 



Bodysuit: Forever 21 // Pants: H&M // Shoes: ASOS // Earrings: Forever 21

Photography by Christopher Cain, Hey Bulldog Studios