Waxing + Waning

Just like the moon goes through its phases, so do we. 

I believe the Universe is this unstoppable force, a mass of different energies that constantly flow through every single thing, and no matter what, we can't control it—the only thing that we can do is go along with it. I've learned that in order to progress in life, you absolutely have to stop fighting against the forces that be, and embrace them. Know that any place in life in which you currently find yourself is exactly where you are supposed to be. 

My current phase definitely feels like a major transition is in motion, which is equal parts exciting and frustrating, at times—I don't like feeling like something is out of my control, and that's basically what my life has felt like for months—change is uncomfortable, but inevitable. I'm learning patience, and learning to focus on the present, and stay grounded as much as possible. In a society where instant gratification is the norm, this has been a challenge.

The moon reminds me that renewal is a constant process, and it puts life a little more into perspective. We are always in a state of transformation; growth and the exchange of energy with the things around us is just a part of life, and we don't have a say on that. The only thing we can do is figure out our individual purpose, and work towards it—how something will happen is out of our hands, and the sooner you become at peace with that, the more you can relax as things unfold for you.



Top: Forever 21 // Skirt:  // Shoes: ASOS // Necklace: DIY

Photography by Christopher Cain, Hey Bulldog Studios