Cut It Out.

Cut It Out.

Raw denim hems are getting an update this season—go low, and high with a fun new way to spruce up your plain Jane jeans. 

Skirt: The Gap (DIY), Top: Thrifted, Shoes: Zara

Shot by Christopher Cain


I love cutting up denim, I can't help it. My boyfriend gets annoyed at me sometimes because pretty much all of jeans have been slashed in some way or another, and he doesn't understand my impulse to put holes, or cut the bottoms off of perfectly fine jeans. 

I personally think denim is meant to be customized, and because of my obsession, I pretty much only thrift denim, and at such a small investment, I can afford to experiment all I want.

I've been seeing lots of bloggers and fashion insiders wearing this quirky, hi-lo hem recently, so I opted to try it for myself. I had a plain skirt that I liked, but didn't love until I put scissors to it. The raw hem is one of my favorite ways to update jeans, mainly because it's so simple, yet adds just a touch of interest that I find so appealing.

I paired my two-minute DIY with white heels, and a white silk top for a fresh take on end-of-summer style. I can definitely see myself transiting this skirt for the colder months ahead with boots, and cute lace tights. 

Would you try this trend? Let me know in the comments!