It's Electric.


Coat: Vintage, Sweater & Pants: Adidas Originals, Shoes: Shoemint

Photography by Christopher Cain


I read somewhere recently that athleisure was dying, it truly made me laugh out loud. First of all, athletic clothing accounts for something like 180+ billion-dollars in revenue annually, all on its very own. 

Second, I'll be damned (and I suspect most of you would be damned too) if I buy a pair of $60 warm up pants, and only ever wear them once a year, when I actually decide to work out—so, instead of collecting dust, they become integrated in my wardrobe. Which means, from time to time, I've got to find interesting ways to make sweatpants look cool. 

Gwen Stefani, the Queen of Athleisure, since before there was even a word for it, is the inspiration for this look. She has this effortless way of just mixing whatever she wants, and it just works. In the 00s, she was notorious for adding stilettos to basically any outfit, so, I took that to heart. And, here we are.

Of course, my twist is that I'm in monochrome, whereas Gwen wasn't afraid to throw in every color imaginable into one outfit—I don't have the heart for that.

Once again, I've stolen something from my boyfriend's closet; I think I'm going to have to start paying him a rental fee, or something, for having cool shit that I just steal whenever I feel like it. This Adidas Originals paisley sweater was just too good to leave alone though, and I love how it adds a graphic, and fun vibe. I had to pair it with the iconic Superstar warm ups. Not to mention, those vertical stripes, paired with the white Alexander Wang-inspired heels create an optical illusion, that gives my 5'3" frame some height. I topped it off with giant wool coat, because I love how it tones everything down, pulls it all together, and bonus: it keeps me super warm.

Do you guys have a favorite Gwen Stefani look? How do you feel about athleisure? Let's chat in the comments.