Without a doubt, this look was influenced by my latest muse, Sade. I've always been a fan, but lately, I've been feeling extremely drawn and connected to her as a musician, artist, and style icon. She's got such a quiet confidence about her that I love, it makes her so mysterious, and captivating. That, paired with her immense talent, and timeless beauty, makes her just—everything.

Denim shirt: Gap (Men's), Jeans: Dr. Denim Jeans, boyfriend style, Shoes: Forever 21, Bag: Steve Madden

Photography by Christopher Cain

I definitely wanted to pay a little homage to her with this shoot, inspired by this image from 1984, where somehow, she manages to make denim on denim look cooler, and even more effortless than anyone had ever done it, before her, or since then. 

Still, I love a red lip/denim combo, and the thing that draws me to it most, is that you can't ever go wrong—it's such a classic, while also kind of retro, and also ahead of its time, in many ways.

Kind of like Sade.