In collaboration with Coach.

Bag: c/o Coach, Kimono: Vintage, Jeans: GAP 1969 (+DIY), Top: H&M, Boots: Forever 21

Photography by Christopher Cain

Do you ever think about how much space you take up?

With your body, your clothes, your personality, even? I think it's really interesting how people can expand and contract in a space depending on whether they want to be seen (or heard) or not.

For myself, in general, I try to take up as least space as possible—I'm very introverted, and prefer to not make myself so visible, so that I can go unnoticed as I go about my day. Sometimes, wearing all-black helps me achieve this, but I learned that I can't be a fly on the wall all of the time—that's not a way to live.

Sometimes, I like to play with statement pieces, which make me feel less like a ninja and more like the social butterfly I wish I was; the oversized oxford and heavy-weight kimono play so nicely together, they create a fun balance of volume, and structure, and flow-y-ness (is that a word?), and it works in an effortless kind of way—even though it took me forever to get to this combination. 

The kimono has such a strong presence, that I wanted it to be the centerpiece of the look, adding basic ripped jeans, and minimal black boots kept it clean—but the addition of my Bordeaux Saddle Bag by Coach added just the perfect punch of color, and again, I love how its structured body contrasts the billowy kimono.

The kimono and bag are definite conversation starters, they're fun pieces which kind of force me to be social, take up more visual space, and step a bit more into the foreground. 

I guess I can go back to being small another day.