My Calvins.


Jacket, Pants: Forever 21, Bralette: Calvin Klein, Necklace: Luca Jewelry, Shoes: Shoemint

Photography by Christopher Cain

Randomly met a photographer from Mississippi while Chris and I were shooting. Hey girl, hey!

Randomly met a photographer from Mississippi while Chris and I were shooting. Hey girl, hey!


When I bought this Calvin Klein bra, I had zero intention of wearing it underneath my clothes, I always love seeing it worn as an actual top, and with DC getting its first warm Spring day last weekend, I decided it was finally time to style it.

First, I am huge fan of Calvin Klein, as a brand, it's totally my type of vibe—minimalist, effortless, timeless, check check and check—I think there's something to be said about a brand that can take such an iconic aesthetic, and stick around for years and years. Amazing marketing helps, for sure, but marketing means nothing if you're not selling anything people really want to buy. And, they do.

I have a vintage pair of Calvin jeans, that I found on eBay, that I wear all of the time, because they just fit and look so amazing. The same can be said of this classic cotton bra, it just looks good, period—so, why cover it up?

Playing on its boyish charm, I paired my bra with high-waited slacks—the darted pleats and thick belt give me major Katherine Hepburn vibes—I love they're a little unflattering as well, something about them not being a super perfect fit makes them super appealing to me (let me be weird, okay?). The jacket adds some movement and coverage, and I finished the look with sporty heels.

I definitely will keep exploring the bra-as-tops thing this Spring and Summer, and see what other looks I can conjure up. Would you guys ever try this?