R to the Izzo


R to the Izzo.

Jacket: Forever 21, Skirt: Anne Taylor Loft, Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Lindy)

Photography by Christopher Cain


This always happens to me—I have this idea in my head for an outfit, put it on, and then have this moment where I'm like, "where is this from?"

I really wasn't intending to dress like Rizzo from 'Grease', but it kind of just happened—and honestly, I'm not even a little mad about it. Rizzo was the OG bae, and her style was perfection.

I love when a character has such strong aesthetics like that—they're so iconic that they kind of just live in your brain as a reference forever, whether you're conscious of it, or not. It's interesting how we just do things without even realizing it sometimes.

I styled my outfit around these dope Jeffrey Campbell shoes (they're a few years old—sorry!), which are a throwback to the saddle shoes girls would wear to school, and go dance in in the 50s—the platform heel really modernizes it, and I love the bright pop of pink which is super cute, and over the top. Paired with the classic pencil skirt and varsity jacket, it comes together as the perfect nod to Rizzo, and her chic all-black looks.

I'm just glad I managed to rotate in something that's not jeans for once, this definitely isn't my uniform, but it's nice to take a break and have a little fun!