Smiling On The Inside.


One of the most common misconceptions people have about me (online, at least), is that I’m this super intense, intimidating, moody person—I guess it’s because I never crack a smile for photos, or come across as super bubbly.

I’ve been told by people who’ve met me in person that I’m much nicer than I appear in my pictures (uh, thanks lol). While that kind of remark always cracks me up, it really leaves me wondering why we tend to think that people, and particularly bloggers/influencers, who don’t ham it up for the camera, are considered miserable.

Wearing: Blazer: H&M, Top: Zara Mens, Jeans: DIY Levis, Shoes: Public Desire

Photography by Christopher Cain


The thing is, I’m not completely opposed to smiling in photos, if it calls for it. However, I don’t think I should have to cheese in every shot, in order to come across as likeable, or happy. I think that as a whole, we have to kick this idea that people need to put on a front in order to make others feel more comfortable. I would rather rock my Resting Bitch Face than a fake smile for the ‘Gram any day of the week—because my R.B.F is my face, and honestly, faking a part of my personality to be liked just seems exhausting.

I bought this shirt from the Men’s section at Zara a while ago, and it made me laugh, because of course the men’s section is where I’d find a shirt with this saying! It made me think about all the times I’ve been minding my business and someone has told me to smile (that someone is almost always a dude). And, it made me think of all the times that people have told me that they thought I was stuck up/mean/sad/intimidating/etc., until they met me.

I know my moody vibes on the blog and social might read one thing, but it’s really just me expressing myself in a way that feels organic and authentic to me.

Recently, Victoria Beckham, fellow R.B.F wearer, released a line of tshirts poking fun at her infamously stoic gaze. Ive always seen the, ‘Why don’t you smile?’ comments directed at her, and always felt frustrated that it was even a thing. That question always comes across as rude, and pushy. What difference would it make to your life if someone chooses to smile or not? Ironically, Victoria has one of the most hilarious, and lighthearted personalities of any people I follow, and I didn’t have to meet her in person to figure that out.

I promise, just because you don’t see my pearls in pics, doesn’t mean I’m a stand-offish, bitchy person. It just means I don’t want to smile—but I promise, I come in peace.