Summer '18


Now that summer is abruptly over on the east coast, due to a looming tropical storm/hurricane, I’m looking over my shoots from the last couple of months to remind myself of what sunshine once felt like.

Not to be dramatic, but it’s been raining for several days in a row, and I can already feel the seasonal depression creeping on.

Anyway, here’s a few shots from the second shoot I did for myself this summer.

Wearing: Topshop bathing suit, Adidas Track Pants, Zara Sunglasses

Photography by: Christopher Cain


This was one of my favorite shoots we’ve done for the blog, mostly because it was so impromptu and quick. I bought this gorgeous Majesty Palm, and knew at some point I would want to use it to cast shadows on myself for portraits. This particular day, it was overcast af, which didn’t work at all for my vision. We lucked out with a five-minute cloudless window, and shot like crazy to grab these images.

I love random things like this, because it keeps my imagination and creativity sharp. I was hoping to shoot a lot more for myself this summer, and was really excited to, but we ended up getting so much other work, that we couldn’t. I’m definitely not complaining, but if you’re wondering why I haven’t beens shooting/posting as much recently, that’s why.

I hope to start being able to balance both blogging and work again, I’ve had this vision in my mind for months to really buckle down on The Glossier, because I really love sharing with you guys, and this really is my escape. I get to create for myself, and I miss that.