Going For The Gold


Going For The Gold

Pops of gold elevate this simple jeans and tshirt look.

Wearing: Shirt: Uniqlo Mens, Jeans: Levis, Shoes: Zara, Jewelry: Mejuri

Photography by Christopher Cain


I found these adorable gold heels on Zara for—drumroll please—$8!

The single-digit price was the only reason I would ever be compelled to order a pair of gold shoes. My normal palette is so neutral (you guys know this) that it really is hard for me to justify purchases that are so far from what I normally get—I mean, when will I wear these again?

Except that recently, as mentioned in my perfume to bed post’, I’ve really been trying to push myself to wear special things all of the time. Why should we wait for a party, or an event to get a little fancy? As we’ve been reminded so often these days, life really is short, and there’s no guarantee that the things we hoard for special occasions will ever see the light of day.

So wear that thing you swore was only for date night, spritz on that expensive fragrance, put on that lipstick, or wear the impractical gold heels in the middle of the day—every day we are still here is special, so go for it.