On My Makeup Table: 5 Liquid Foundations I Love


Before the year gets too far along, and I acquire more makeup, I thought it would be a great idea to look through my current stash, and talk about some products that I can’t do without! Foundation is an important category for me, because I’m not one of those girls with naturally flawless skin, so I always need help getting an even, yet natural base. It’s also a category that’s been difficult for me in the past, because I have combo-oily, break-out prone skin, and the hyperpigmentation left over to prove it.

In the past, my foundations have been quite heavy, and quite wrong for me in terms of shade-matching—but luckily, many brands are wising up to the needs of their consumers, and are finally creating products with varying shades, and coverage, without the heaviness of traditional full-coverage makeup.

With trying on so many different ones throughout the years, I can easily decipher which ones work for me and which ones don’t. Basically, I know a winner when I apply one—which is why, the following five foundations are ones that I know I can re-purchase, and recommend to you guys without hesitation!



The formula for this foundation really blew my mind the first time I tried it—I couldn’t understand how they were able to achieve such a high amount of coverage with only one drop of their foundation. The result, is medium-high coverage that looks and feels extremely lightweight.

This has a very beautiful matte-finish, and is oil-free, so for my combo-oily people this is for you! I find that the less you use, the more beautiful, and longer it will wear throughout the day—it’s easy to want to over-do it, but one (maybe two) pump is really all you need for your whole face.

Application Tip: Brushes are my preferred method of application, but this formula looks even better when applied with fingers.



You’re going to see a very common thread on this list, and it’s that I’m obsessed with lightweight formulas. When my hyperpigmentation was at its worse, I always gravitated towards foundations that I could literally spackle on, but now, even though I still have some spots, I really only stick to things that look and feel as light as possible.

I bought both formulas of Colours foundation by The Ordinary, and I thought I would love the Coverage one the most (it’s still really good, btw!), but the Serum foundation really won me over. Much like the NARS foundation, it’s oil-free, and has a high amount of pigmentation packed into one pump.

It’s actually very comparable to some high-end foundations in terms of finish, and lasting-power, and the best part is, this only costs $7! I love a bargain, and especially, one that performs so well for me.

Colours Serum Foundation, $7 — I’m shades 3.2N & 3.2R.



Pro Filt’r has been in heavy rotation in routine, since it dropped in 2017. I immediately took a liking to the finish, which legitimately had me shook. It gave me, and continues to give me, such an even yet natural-looking base.

I did find that even though I have oilier skin, and this is formulated to help control oil (and it’s even humidity and sweat-resistant), that you still need to prep with a moisturizer or moisturizing primer. The foundation will glide much more easily over your skin if it’s not dry, and it will give you a bit more time to blend before it sets. Speaking of blending, I love how nicely this blends into my skin, and never looks like it’s sitting on top of it. I hate when that happens!

I can’t forget to mention that this now comes in FIFTY different shades (they’ve recently expanded from the original forty), which makes it the most diverse foundation in range on this list, and in general.

Application Tip: Add a drop of oil to the foundation for a thinner, more luminous finish.



When I first got this foundation, I really regretted it. As I mentioned, I was used to practically painting on an entirely new face, and this one is so watery, so sheer, and so dewy that I thought I’d never be able to wear it, and that I should return it.

I got it because I was frustrated with the Cake Face life, and I really had to make adjustments to how I apply makeup, in order for this to work for me. When I finally mastered the application—prime, stipple on the base, spot conceal, under-eye conceal, powder—I couldn’t stop wearing it.

This is really great for those days when you just want to look super-natural and casually pulled-together. If you’re patient with this, and really learn how to work with it, it’s a beautiful addition to anyone’s makeup table.

Application Tip: For oily skin, use a mattifying primer beforehand, and set your oily zones with loose setting powder. Leave the highpoints of your cheekbones un-powdered for a super-natural glow!



If I have one regret about this foundation, it’s that I didn’t try it sooner. I’ve avoided anything claiming to be luminous for years, because I thought the oils in my skin would just break it down, and make me look like a mess. Luminous Silk is a cult classic, and even still, I was fully prepared to be disappointed by it—but, it blew me away.

Of all the foundations on this list, this one looks the most skin-like—and I feel like they’re all on a natural-finish spectrum, Luminous Silk looks like I have nothing on at all. Luminous Silk gives me the skin I would have, if my skin knew how to behave itself.

I love that this is a medium-coverage, which can be built up, without looking cakey. It sets to a nice satin-finish, giving just the right amount of luminance for a youthful, healthy-looking radiance. I never regret wearing this, because it always looks so damn good!

Application Tip: Use your fingers to apply! Linda Cantello, International MUA for Armani Beauty, says people of darker complexions should use multiple shades, placed at various parts of your face to create an even more realistic, multi-dimensional look.

Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, $64 —I’m shades 13, and 13.5.


That’s the rundown of my top five favorite foundations, and I’d love to hear what are some of yours are! Do any of mine make it onto your list?